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Gold Coast SEO & Website Copywriters

Your website is a portal into the digital world. It is both an online office and a virtual storefront for your customers, and the content provided plays a vital role in the success of your website. It is what explains who your business is and why potential customers should try your products or services. While the SEO development helps ensure your website’s message gets seen by the right people in the right location.

Gold Coast SEO Services

Because we believe in long term relationships with our clients and want them to achieve the best results, we strictly adhere to the best SEO practices and guidelines.

We know proper SEO takes time to produce lasting, stable results, and that is why we are always honest with our clients.

We always start our projects with a detailed website audit. Using the latest software, we identify weaknesses that are affecting your user's experience and assess which areas are harming your website's search ranking results.

Our Gold Coast SEO professionals examine every aspect of your site. From overall site structure, broken links, page speed, navigation and content quality, to determine the necessary fixes and the best strategy to get your website on track.

Picking the right keywords is essential. The best way to determine this is to understand who your customers are, what products or services you are want to sell and extensive market research.

By using best keyword tools along with correspondence with you, our Gold Coast SEO professionals develop a diverse, comprehensive keyword strategy that targets the best search terms relevant to your business, demographic and target location.

From the audit of your website, along with the approved target keywords, our Gold Coast SEO team begins to fix-up your website. We then optimise your URLs, images, content and create clear keyword-focused metadata descriptions for your website.

This results in an overall improvement of your websites performance, and kick starts your keywords into the search rankings.

Our SEO Gold Coast specialists build high-authority links to your website from profile websites, listing websites, guest blogging, etc. All while we continue to improve your social media presence by mentioning your brand and post sharing.

The whole point of off-page SEO is to broaden your online exposure through quality backlink building. In return, this shows search engines that your website is valuable, trustworthy and worth being shown.

Unnatural and spammy links are very damaging. Bad links lead to the penalisation of your website with search engines and affect your ranking immensely. Because of this, they should be removed as soon as possible

By thoroughly auditing your website, we asses your link profile to identify and disavow such links.

Copywriting is more than words; it’s about who your business is, who your customers are, and how you want to speak to them. It allows you to create a “face to face” experience with your website visitors that is not only informative but also engaging.

Whether you're a multi-generational “mom and pop” shop who wants to express your old school values or you’re a start-up business who wants to convey modern professionalism, we can help. Our Gold Coast website copywriters work with you to understand and develop a consistent brand voice and persona that expresses who and what you are.

Why Should I Care About SEO?

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it make a sound? I suppose not, and if it did... no one was there to hear it, so does even it matter? That is the same analogy you should think of when it comes to your website’s SEO.

If your website is not ranking well on relevant search terms, how will anyone know if your website even exits? That is why in this day and age, SEO is more important than ever.