The Origin Story

Coming from a family who has started many successful small businesses throughout the years, in different countries. We learned first hand, the important role having a good website plays and how critical it can be to the success of your business.

Not to mention how vital it is to hire a webmaster who can provide you with the technical skills and honest information that will benefit you and not just themselves.

But ultimately, the web industry is full of people claiming to have found a google secret that will get you ranked number one. We have witnessed all of these claims with our families businesses. We understand the dent it can make in your wallet, all while leaving you confused and unsure as to what you actually signed up for.

Since Pixelize’s beginning, we wanted to be different. No gimmicky sales tactics and most importantly, no trying to swindle you through dishonest advice and misinformation. Since we only take on projects that we know we can help by adding value through our services, we never over-promise and under-deliver.

We believe the best way we as a company can be truly successful, is if we treat each of our client’s projects as if they were our own.

Quality work and honest customer service have always been the core of Pixelize because your satisfaction and success in the projects we do for you is the best way to measure our own!